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I have been insuring fast and modified cars from a very young age and learnt quickly that picking the right insurance company and how you present the information to them makes a massive difference.
For my Elan Sprint, electronic ignition, larger radiator with twin fans, stainless exhaust and sports air filter arrangement it made little to no difference on my policy. The electronic ignition was stated just as that, the radiator was a larger earlier style Elan radiator with modern cooling fans. I never use the words sports or performance as it just gets them excited. My philosophy is declare all mods simply described and and if they are concerned about any mods they will ask for more clarification. The stainless steel exhaust I was once asked if it was more sports/performance type (which it not) . They do ask questions such as "are any parts performance related" in which you have to clarify.
I am about to put CV drive shafts and poly bushes on it. This did put my insurance up significantly but even then it was only £120 up to £150. I declared these at renewal so I can then put them on at my leisure and don't need to phone them again before I can drive it.
As mentioned classic car insurance is cheap and the specialist insurance companies understand that most will have certain acceptable variations/modifications.
My converted camper van had very little info I needed to provide. They know what is involved in converting a van and as it was done professionally and has no performance mods. they were fairly relaxed about it.
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