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Looking for inspection help of an S4 at Shannons- Sydney

PostPost by: jabingb » Mon Nov 11, 2019 2:23 am

I fear a buddy of mine has been afflicted with the Lotus disease and is considering the purchase of said Lotus. He is in the process of being approved to post messages but as yet has not gotten the green light. To get the ball rolling with his request I'm posting it so he can hopefully get someone in Sydney to take a look at it for him this coming week? You can either reply to this post or if you wish PM me and I'll give you direct contact info. Thx

New member to the forum and looking to purchase my first Elan. There is an auction with Shannons in Sydney on 18 November and I would greatly appreciate it if someone who lives near the auction site could look over the car for me for any issues that may not be mentioned in the listing. I live in Adelaide and if successful at the auction would fly over to Sydney and drive the car back. More than happy to reimburse any travel costs incurred.
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