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Motor Magazine Comparison TR6, Europa, Marcos, Elan, Trident

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I did a search for this, but could not find it. Sorry if has been posted previously. This was posted by John Collier on the Europa list. I only went to the first link and then paged from there for the rest.

Motor Dec 19, 1970. Comparison test between TR6, Europa, Marcos, Elan, Trident and TVR









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PostPost by: 69S4 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 6:51 am

That was an enjoyable read over my CornFlakes this morning. :D It looks like the Elan they used was the same car that Autosport had tested about a year earlier but it had been 10mph (and 5mpg more economical) quicker back then! They must have worn it out.

Motor had done a full test of the Elan six months earlier, in April 1970, which is reproduced in the Brooklands book (as is the Autosport test) and I can remember reading it in the local library. In those days even the magazine, nevermind the car, was beyond my financial capacity so it was lucky the library stocked it. That road test is what set me on the road to Elan ownership even if it did take more than another decade to get there.

Six and eightpence per gallon though. Funny how your memory get muddled up; I could have sworn it was five and sixpence in mid 1970.
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I am now an old man, and to paraphrase someone else my memory is like a Swiss cheese, full of holes. However, I remember reading a sports car comparison, in Motor I think, between TR6, AC428, E Type, Elan and I think a Marcos. At the time, after all the measurements, and objective comments there was section called testers choice, in which the testers stated which car they would take home if they could. The result was Elan or E Type. Combined with thinking Chapman and Clark were my dream team set me on my path to Elan ownership. All I need now is to get the car back in one piece.

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