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crashpad LUCK - just popped out!

PostPost by: el-saturn » Sat Jan 19, 2019 5:23 pm

just been reading these awful crashpad stories and even more so i really happy to have my original which i never glued anywheres and the ony thing that happened is the PU foam which somehow shrunk, so ill be fixing it. but look at the condition!!! .......the leather (top and bottom) just peeled off without hurting the foam -------- those plastic "covers" you can get look IMHO terrible, so this too MUST look perfect! ----- AND btw why aren't there any well made ones?? people would pay probably up to a grand for one - pictures added: and I hope to see some congrats, or lucky U sandy PS- the tooling could be made in gfrp!! i can add most of the know how
dsci0956.jpg and
dsci0959.jpg and
dsci0955.jpg and
dsci0957.jpg and
dsci0954.jpg and
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