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Re: Powerspark / Aldon ignition

PostPosted: Sun Jan 06, 2019 10:44 pm
by 2cams70
I agree with the suggestion that if the standard ignition operates fine and you don't find the additional maintenance requirement of adjusting points, replacing condensers, etc. particularly onerous then why bother with an electronic ignition system - particularly one that still depends on the mechanical centrifugal advance system for spark timing control.

The point is that these days many reproduction components just aren't at the some quality level that the original equipment components were back in the day. Reproduction points, condensers, etc. would appear to fit into this category. This is hardly surprising given that the last cars still using non-electronic ignition systems were made around 40 years ago! The knowledge and experience to produce good quality components has been lost and "classic cars" are hardly on the radar of the large ignition system component manufacturers these days.

Posts by others have expressed reliability concerns with reproduction condensers. Condensers are an essential component of the standard ignition system. My post was merely a suggestion of possible ways around the problem of unreliable reproduction condensers.