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Tour (de France) Auto 2018

PostPost by: Frogelan » Mon Apr 23, 2018 5:52 pm

The traditional pre-event presentation of this historic event was made today in the Grand Palais in Paris.

3 Elans are participating (299 entrants: 149 in the regularity section including the N? 101 1963 Elan S1 (Beauregard - Buzzi) and 150 in the competition section (N? 211 Favarro - Badan (CH) and N? 216 Kohler-Laboisne (F)).

I attach photos of the cars 211 and 216 both 1965 "26R"s.

The event sets off tomorrow towards Besan?on via Dijon-Prenois circuit.

For more information: https://peterauto.peter.fr/fr/tour-auto-2018-dates/

img_20180423_143058.jpg and

img_20180423_143102.jpg and
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PostPost by: 69S4 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 6:46 am

I know they're taking a different route but there's usually a number of classic car events that come our way (Alpe D'Huez) in the summer and if we're over there it's great just sitting out in the sunshine watching them come up the hill.

Every time I go past the Dijon- Prenois circuit I keep an eye out to see if there's anything interesting on. If I'm in the Elan or on any of my motorcycles I'll always take that road rather than the autoroute. Just wondering now whether I can get over there at the start of June for the Coupes Moto Legende. It'll probably depend on the weather I suspect.
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