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5 miles to the gallon

PostPost by: jimj » Sat Mar 10, 2018 3:55 pm

5 miles to the gallon.
That`s all we got. It was the annual HVR re-union on Wednesday and Thursday and we (nearly) all met up at Colwick Hall near Nottingham on Wednesday afternoon and the Elan got some exercise to excorcise the winter.

It was lovely; a lovely afternoon tea and meeting up with lovely people, some we hadn`t seen for quite a while, in a lovely place. Alan and Tina, and Jo and Dave had only returned, the previous day, from a rally from Singapore to Saigon. I referred to Alan as being the Beast from the East. They had many a tale to tell. Also on that rally was another lovely couple; Keith and Nora, who aren`t members of the HVR. As you may know, it`s not possible to join the HVR. Like the ?in? crowd, you either are or you aren`t. Over the years many people, that we`re all acquainted with, have asked to join but it`s just not possible to join, or even apply, or be asked to apply. Keith and Nora would be a perfect fit but their ministrations have been met with??.

So, Keith set up his own group, the MHR. I think it stands for Mountain Hill Ralliers though I think a better name would be Something Hill Itinerant Travellers, or Sightseeing And Driving. Something like that. Membership to the MHR is most definitely not exlusive. In fact if you meet Keith and stand still, you`ll be plastered with MHR stickers. Anyway, Keith and Nora did rather well on the Road to Saigon Rally and??.Hot news???. Someone suggested that now might be the time to relax the restriction on HVR membership, on this one occasion. ?Yeah, alright? seemed to be the consensus. It would be a nice irony if, when invited, they refused to join.

Meanwhile, we all met again at 7 for drinks then dinner all organised by John Jackson who is no relation, other than being an HVR bruvver. The next morning John had prepared a tulip route of around 55 miles which was excellent. We had no snow, unlike at home, but the weather, like the roads was filthy. That`s when we got 5 miles to the gallon????.of screenwasher fluid! Before lunch we met at the Princess boatyard, had coffees, then boarded a river boat for a cruise on the river Trent with lunch served as we chugged along, chatting about this and that, not necessarily cars, just how we like it.

The sun came out for our drive home up through Sherwood Forest though it was still cold so we had our (Robin) hood up.

It was great. Thanks John.

Jim & Carole

P.S. The HVR cup, is awarded to the most successful HVR member on any rally with 3 or more HVR entrants, and there are 3 of us entered on the Summer Trial. It`s a good one to win (as if?) as not much is scheduled during summer months so the holder gets to keep it in his lonely trophy cabinet for, at least, a few weeks.
By the way, Keith, the cup has no more room for future engraving. We need to mount it on an engravable base. Just a thought.
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