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Squealing/Sweaking Noise

PostPost by: Elanconvert » Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:05 am

hi dave
may not be related, but I have just solved a 'squeak' on my s4.....it was caused by a worn fan belt ....I may have over-tightened it slightly, causing it to wear on the 'wedge' which reduced the width by about 1.5mm...
changed belt [not too tight this time]...squeak has disappeared...

:D fred :D
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PostPost by: david.g.chapman » Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:20 pm

I use cable ties to stop the springs rubbing on the shock absorber body. I have sort of checked the fan belt, but if it bottoming in the pulley grooves that might be it. Time for a new one just to eliminate it.

I have been spraying penetrating lube with PTFE on the outside of the rear bearings, and I did notice that one of the rear brake pads was not contacting the disc in one corner. The caliper pistons are new, but the seal might not have been retracting the piston properly. I have pushed the piston in and out and all seems well.

After doing that I have gone out a couple of times and the noise is reduced. However, the weather is cooler and it could be that. I will try the fan belt in the next few days.

It could be one of those noises that disappears after a time (always the optimist!). We will see...


After changing the fan belt for a new one, I went out for a 20 mile drive up and down the A130 (70mph road) - no noise at all at speed between drive and coast, and no noise to speak of at low speed afterwards!

So it could be the fan belt. Thanks Fred and any others who prompted me to have another look. However its quite cold today, so I am still prepared for the noise to return on a hot day. Time for another optimist pill....

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