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Appleby-in-Westmoreland Tour

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Appleby-in-Westmoreland Classic Car Tour

Yet again we were invited by our pals Roger and Barbara to stay the weekend in Yarm and join the Appleby Pennine Tour.

On Thursday, the eve of our weekend away, we were invited for dinner to John and Maggie`s. Evidently it`s a tradition that they invite 12 good people round on the day when earth-shattering results determine the future. I didn`t know they had any interest in how Sheffield United fared in the play offs. Alan couldn`t come as he`d caught a chest infection in China. He stayed at home lung flu fighting, but Tina was there. Our host invited comments on the other big event, the general election. My vote went to the Maggie Collins Dinner Party.

Friday morning and, can you believe it? The sun was shining and Scotland had won 56 -2, shame Sheff. U. didn`t. I take my hat off to Nicola Sturgeon, though I wouldn`t remove any other garments. I imagine their supporters were all celebrating to the tunes of bagpipes, if you`ll excuse the oxymoron. The trouble for them is that the 2 main parties will no longer be excessively generous to bolster support as it`s already lost. Mind you if the SNP in Westminster only act for the benefit of Scotland rather than the greater good, it`ll be England, Wales and Northern Ireland seeking independence.

Hood down and Lotus dog in the back (needing no persuading) we were off oop north. We crossed the west side of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam, to get to the M1 north. It was rather quiet. Lotus dog hadn`t travelled at speed, hood down, before but didn`t seem to mind, and so he shouldn`t. Lucky dog.

Dined and wined, and having slept like a twig, Saturday began really wet, Lotus dog was left with Wolseley dog, and the Wolseley (1930s) Hornet which was discarded in favour of the XK Warm, we left to meet up with Paul and Linda in their delightful Mk1 Sprite. We met up with them at Scotch Corner, soon to be English Corner? Then on to Cumbria.

We`d really recommend this event, a ?50 entry fee for two gets bacon sandwiches and coffee, a well researched tulip route through stunning scenery zig-zagging over and under the Carlisle to Settle railway 15 times, soup, roll and coffee for lunch, then a fabulous afternoon tea back in Appleby at the end. And, incredibly, it raises funds for the Rotary Club.

Around 45 cars took part, a handful of modern cars and a huge variety of classics, no two of the same model. I was really pleased that this eccentric couple, yet again brought their Trabant, but not for long. It`s not thought polite to overtake other runners on these tours but, normally, it is polite for slower cars to, well, be polite. This couple just trundled along in complete oblivion.

They very soon were creating bottlenecks in the morning but five minutes after lunch we came upon them again, 5 cars back, just as we entered a superb single track route over the moors, east of Carlisle. By the end of that long section, cars stretched as far as the eye could see in my mirrors, at least 30 cars, yet we`d passed numerous passing places and so did the Trabant. It wasn`t my take home choice.

In the morning we`d travelled alongside Hadrian`s Wall for a while. Was Hadrian`s surname Salmond? Our son is walking half its length for charity later this year and many walkers were doing the same. They were all wearing orange hi-viz tabards, there were dozens of them, like so many lib dem supporters?.but for the fact they were in double figures. The sun came out in the afternoon, the Trabant stopped dissolving unfortunately, and, but for that we`d had a lovely day.

You should come.
P.S. While we were away, Carole won the lottery; ?6.20. We might buy a Trabant.
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