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Tracing an old acquaintance

PostPost by: worzel » Fri Nov 21, 2014 9:37 am


Bit of a long shot on this one- 40 years ago I bought my first elan an early 1968 S4 fixed head. A colleague followed suit not long after and bought a 1967 drophead S3 (incidentally jones isn't my surname!). I went with him to Chester to have a dekko and give it the once over- not that I knew much about them in those days anyway.

His name was Steven Rouse and he lived in Widnes, Cheshire. he'd be about 60 years old now. About 2 years later he left the firm and we eventually sort of lost touch. Now he might still own that car (I don't recall the reg number) but if so he hasn't replied to my previous post on this forum.

Thinking laterally however and trying a different approach does any member own a S3 that had him registered as the previous owner and if so when did he sell it- the info would be much appreciated.


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