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PostPost by: jerryh » Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:46 am

There's someone who's just joined the forum with the user name stv11 replying to wanted ads, I put an ad up asking if anyone had a big valve cover for a Europa they would sell, I had a reply quite promptly with a photo, this photo is from this site relating to a thread a few years old.
Just wanted to warn people I don't think anyone would fall for it anyway but thought I'd better list the low life's user name.


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PostPost by: oldchieft » Sun Mar 23, 2014 9:08 am

This is a post I put about the same person on: -
I also had a PM asking if it was stv11 who contacted me, seems he is a busy boy.

Hi all
Just a warning, and to complement the web site administrators.

I had a very useful exchange recently to get a manifold from another member on the wanted and needed forum.

Yesterday I got a mail to my home email address asking if I still needed a manifold.

The web site administrators generate this message.:-
This message was sent from Lotus Elan and Lotus Elan Plus 2 Forums Forums.

*** Warning to Sellers or Buyers ***
Please use caution when considering financial transactions with this
person. You are able to look up the person's information at the link

Then there is a link to the posters history.

Followed by:-
Please review their statistics.
- How long have they been a member?
- How many posts do they have?
- Click on "search user's posts" to see their posts.

If they have not been active on the Forums, please precede with caution.

This showed nil post and nil activity and just joined.

The mail would seem to be trailing for people to reply, then they have your address in full.

Will done for the administrators, if we follow the instructions it works.

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