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casalunge wrote:

A superb recommendation "A Chequered Life", just bought and read.

Off topic: I'm currently reading an absolute belter- Alan Mann, A Life of Chance. I think the Lotus content is limited to the Cortinas and early Escorts but it is superbly written and goes on to the Cobras, Ford Falcons an the Sports-Racers.
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Do 4 Sevens beat 4 Sixes? (I don't think anyone in the game is holding 4 Sixes.) That's a nice little collection, Pete! (I especially like the 18.)

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Hi All,
Whilst having a clear out in my loft I came across some literature I got back in the day from Ian Walker Racing, I'd been trying to find it for ages so I could share it with you. It seems I contacted them a couple of times, once in 1972 when I had an S4 on Strombergs and then in 1976 after I got my Sprint.
I've copied the letter I received in 1972 from Ian Walker himself which I have copied for you to read, I've also copied the leaflet pages as well. Just note the prices!!!
Ian Walker 1972 F.jpg and

Ian Walker 1972 A.jpg and

Ian Walker 1972 B.jpg and

Ian Walker 1972 C.jpg and

Ian Walker 1972 D.jpg and

I have some more leaflets from them which I will upload shortly.
I have just taken my Ian Walker Racing Sprint Head to AMAC in Northallerton for overhaul so will be great to see it when finished.
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