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Jay Leno's Elan, what happened to episode 12?

PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:38 pm
by gearbox
Did I miss the last update or is that going to be it? The car has been done for a while now and I did catch the video with Jay driving on Mulholland Rd. But I can't find the last episode which he said was going to be the finished Elan. Would have liked to see the finished car up close and maybe a commentary from Jay on how the car drove and handled. I wonder if Jay lost interest in the car or wasn't as happy with the way it turned out. And speaking of Jay and Lotus', what ever happened to the Chip Foose Europa? I haven't seen any video of the car driving or even running for that matter. Outside of the engine running in the frame, it was never started again on the show. With that much power and the 1/2 inch steel plates welded on to the engine bay and the shortened nose, I wonder how it drove? Anyone come across and info out there?