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PostPost by: jcocking » Thu Jun 17, 1999 7:47 pm

With 25% of the vote in and 100% of the respondents voting yes, this list is
now officially a two way mailing list. The system changes were made
yesterday. Currently the list numbers a little over 100 people.

Everyone is currently setup to receive all messages as they are sent. If
you would prefer a digest format, please go http://www.onelist.com to make
the changes. (if you do not remember your password, enter you email address
and click on "Member Center". It will give you the option of having you
password emailed to you.)

The following is the letter that will be sent to all new subscribers:

Welcome to the Lotus Elan mailing list. Please take a moment to review this
message. We are a growing group of Elan enthusiasts. We love driving,
working on and talking about our cars. You do not need to own one of these
magnificent cars to join our group, you only need an unnatural obsession
with the cars.

1) Talk about Elans and related things.
2) No flaming unless the person really, really deserves it... then fire
3) Don't waste bandwidth or time - use common sense, don't quote an entire
message when a snippet will do.
4) Private advertising (i.e., "my +2S 130/5 is for sale") is allowed.
Commercial advertising only by authorized advertisers. Check with
mailto:[email protected] before posting anything commercial. Unauthorized
commercial advertising will not be tolerated.
5) Heed the ListMaster's warnings: excessive flaming, <OT> off-topic posting
or <WOB> waste of bandwidth posting will result in subscription termination.
6) There is no rule number 6.
7) No whining.
8) Correct e-mail etiquette is required. Your e-mail must be configured
properly so it does not send garbage character, HTML tags, etc. Do not type
in ALL CAPS, the 'caps lock' key is right above the 'shift' key, get
familiar with it. Bad e-mail will get you scolded.
9) Have fun!

You must subscribe to be able to post.

Send submissions to mailto:[email protected]

Questions should be sent to: mailto:[email protected]

To unsubscribe from this list, go to the ONElist web site, at
http://www.onelist.com, and select the User Center link from the menu bar on
the left. This menu will also let you change your subscription
between digest and normal mode.

Thank you for subscribing

Happy Lotussing

Jeff Cocking


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