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The Veg wrote:Hi Clark,
I'm that other Plus 2 owner near you. I'm in the Lawrenceville-Buford area of Gwinnett County, and I am indeed refurbishing a '69/'70 Plus 2.

I'm aware of one other Plus 2 in Georgia, over by Augusta. The owner is a member here but basically never posts anything and hasn't responded to my inquiries to talk offline or meet up.

There are a few 'baby' Elans in the Atlanta area of course and you'll get to know those guys (Frank, Greg, etc.) soon.

I really like your car's colour and would love to see it in the flesh! You're welcome to come see mine too and I'm more than happy to lend whatever help I can if you need it. PM me and let's talk more.

Pleasure meeting you as well, I will take you on that offer, so much for me to learn and time. I'm over in Kennesaw, Cobb County area. You are more than welcome to stop by have a few drinks and talk Elan's lol.
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