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PostPost by: Crossle32F » Sat Apr 20, 2019 9:12 pm

Thanks Rohan,

Test day yesterday at our local (short) track went well. Even though I am not really up to speed I already notice inside wheelspin coming out of the tightest left hand turn, even with it being an LHD car. The straight is not long and I was being very conservative with the braking point, so it never approached max RPM in 4th. I will have the car at the longer circuit next week so will see then if it tops out with the current gearing.

For general interest, I looked up SCCA production specs (attached) for the car which lists a 'standard' set of ratios and then 3 'alternate' sets, one of which is 2.97/2.01/1.4/1.00 so that must be what I got in the car. Also there are 3.55, 3.77, 3.90, 4.12, 4.43, and 4.7 diffs of which I must indeed have the 4.43. Oddly enough the spec weight is listed as 1470 lbs (667 kg) which seems a bit ambitious given the curb weight of over 1900, I think, for the road car. Hopefully I will be able to weigh the car next week.

Overall I am very happy with the general feel of the car, it was great to get it out finally and string a few laps together. I've never raced a production car on tarmac before (just single seaters, long ago, and one or two paved rally stages) but am pleasantly surprised, the car feels light, goes where it is pointed, and makes all the right noises.

SCCA Lotus Elan +2 Vintage_GCR_3-14-17 pg 476.pdf
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PostPost by: Slowtus » Sun Apr 21, 2019 12:23 am

Sounds like a total disaster to me - you should sell while it is still shiny - ideally to me!

People, I have seen this car and it will initiate embarrassing drool when you get close enough.

The owner forunately knows how to drive cars of this type in the manner required so...all I can say is, that an appropriate dashcam be attached.

Circumstances (and - more importantly - a total lack of the talent required for driving such a car in the manner intended/required) prevented my from wading in on BaT when it was up for sale but - if I had the money, if I had had the money - I would have bought this car, just to occasionally and discretely brush against it.

It is sublime.

Cannot wait to see it unleashed...
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