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From USA, an old sports car mechanic who got his start with a couple of now much older sports car mechanics in a "Lotus Dealership" in Avon MA, which I never knew the particulars of at the time (1975) but assume we were some sort of authorized service center. Both these guy were racers, and drove Elans, and it wasn't long before I came up with a 65 S2 out of Durham NH. So started my personal love affair with the car. We welded the uprights and crossmember (headlights would drop under hard accel!) put a baffle in the oil pan to maintain oil pressure on hard rh turns (think cloverleaf exit ramp), replaced the metalastic joints with better metalastic joints, and I drove it and drove it, from Brookline to Avon and back every day, parking on the city streets at night without incident amazingly, And many wonderful road trips. Lots of muscle car baiting!

Now 40 odd (very odd!) years later, I'm contenting myself with an NA Miata, but always looking for the chance to come up with another Elan when the car and the cash come together at the proper moment. Glad to find this forum which I will watch and learn from.
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welcome to the forum!

great story... I'm sure you'll find a car if you want one, like many things on earth they tend to go to people who really love them, but as you know it takes some dedication.

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Welcome zig zag
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PostPost by: Frogelan » Tue May 29, 2018 5:53 am

Interesting story and welcome to the Forum.

Do you happen to remember the chassis number of your 1965 S2?
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PostPost by: CBUEB1771 » Sat Jun 02, 2018 12:08 pm

zigzag03 wrote:From USA, an old sports car mechanic who got his start with a couple of now much older sports car mechanics in a "Lotus Dealership" in Avon MA.

You must be referring to "The Avon Pitstop", owned and operated by Ed Loveday. Ed was a wonderful fellow who performed all of the service for the previous owner of my +2. I got to know him in July 1977 when I bought my +2. There were a couple of items I wanted to have rectified after I first inspected 050 0170N and the previous owner had Ed make the repairs before I took delivery. Shortly afterward I met with him a few times with Don Tingle who owned "Tingle's Lotus Center" in Watertown. Don was planning the rebuilding of his SCCA C Production race Elan and I had committed to machine a few special parts. We met with Ed to compare notes on these parts. I specifically remember making mounts for the top end of the rear struts using spherical joints instead of Lotocones. Keep in mind this was 1977 and you could not just go to the TTR or Kelsport websites and order what you wanted. Ed had some fine equipment in his own machine shop including a Hardinge toolroom lathe.

Unfortunately Ed is no longer with us. He was claimed by pancreatic cancer several years ago. Ed is sorely missed by members of the Lotus community in the New England area.

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