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Welcome Art! You have some serious Lotus owners in your area and we get together from time to time. As Ted mentioned, join PALS to find out what is going on.

As a past Triumph, MG, Datsun, Porsche, BMW and Audi sports car owner, all I can tell you is nothing drives like a Lotus. Gave up all my other sports cars to only have Lotus.

Regarding the mountain of past receipts, the vast majority of the time most owners nickle and dime themselves to death instead of repairing what needs to be done. Usually by the time the newest owner gets the car, the cycle starts all over again. If the rubber bushings on a sway bar or shock needs replacing, more than likely all of them need replacing......don't do just one. If you do the proper maintenance you will have a car that is very dependable and fun to drive.
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