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Elan +2 PMK 397F. Project for Newbie

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Hi All,
I have been into cars since I learnt to drive, have competed in autotests, sprints and hillclimbs, the last car was a Ginetta G15. The G15 took me 4 years to rebuild and was finished in 2000, I then spent 9 years competing, picking up a few class wins on the way. Sold it Dec 2014 and bought the +2.
Bought the +2 in January. It's an early +2, chassis 50/127 in white. It has laid dormant in a garage in Huddersfield since 1991 and now needs more than a recommission as I am finding out.
It was bought in 1981 by Brian Jenkins ( plumber in Huddesfield) and in the early 80's was given a new Lotus galv chassis, a new front end (with spotlights), retrimmed interior and a respray in white.
My task is to firstly get an MOT. Have started at the front. Suspension dismantled painted and now ready for re-assembly. The rad is being rebuilt, both vac switches had rusted through and will be rewelded, air horns now working, pedal box rebuilt new master cyl's and painted, wiring being tidied. Plenty of work still to go.
I bought the car with no documentation, only the log book, the DVLA even managed to loose the change of ownership slip.
Has anyone any documentation ie service records, MOT's, Photo's. I have cert from Andy at Lotus and DVLA owner history.
The earth wiring is in white cable, is this only on early cars, wiring diag colour is black?
For now Les.
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