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new member

PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:50 pm
by red lime pistachio
Hi all,
I live in Holland. I bought a 1972 Elan+2 S130 with a Christopher Neil conversion last year. Its a driving project. I did 1000 miles last year and the car is getting better all the time. I've been a regular visitor of the forum for the last year and read a lot of interesting topics. So I thought that it was now time to become a member.

regards to you all,

Tom ,

Re: new member

PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 9:49 pm
by Quart Meg Miles
Congratulations on your wise decisions, buying a Lotus and joining this forum. The S130 is a wonderful drive and I wish mine had behaved better so that I could have kept it 30 years ago.

There are at least two more Dutch owners on this forum, both with S4s, and you should get a lot of support from the Dutch Lotus club which seems quite active. They printed an article on my car when Jan-Bart Broertjes parked next to me at the Goodwood Revival ten years ago.

Best of luck.

Re: new member

PostPosted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:14 am
by Carlos A
Welcome and congratulations!