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Calling all you plus 2 owners!!! And any other elan owners!!

PostPost by: M and A's elan xx » Tue Oct 29, 2013 1:30 pm

Well the name of this section of the forum suggested introducing myself, so I thought it might just be a very good idea!!

Hello there all you other elan people!! My name is Maddy and I have just bought my first elan plus 2 and well let's just say she's in need of some TLC!!! So I am going to be the first person in many years to give it the care it deserves, because well she's bearing the brunt of many years of having no one's affection! So I'm calling on all you fellow elan owners to help me through the restoration project, I have access to all the expertise in actually carrying the work out, but I'm going to need all the tips, advice and well... Parts!! All of you may be willing to help me get hold of, whether you have one I can take off your hands (will be cash buyer for any bits and pieces) or if you know some one who has one that I can get in touch with. I basically need a plus 2 elan in component form, excluding the shell!! At the moment my priority is getting hold of a chassis, I would consider absolutely anything in any condition, my preference would be a fully built rolling chassis in any condition and well if it had a vin number I would be very grateful indeed (as some thieving b*st*rd has had the ID out of the old girl long ago). Basically all I have is the shell, the rear and side windows, bonnet and boot lid, I have the light pods and the heater matrix (which I think will work again), oh and I have the front indicators!!! So anything you can help me with (as a girl :wink: ) would be much appreciated!!!!!

image.jpg and
As you can see with a good service and some t-cut and wax she'll be good as new haha xx

I will try to update you all with the progress I make with it every week or so (or whenever I do something interesting!!) as well, I think if anyone else had got hold of this it would have been chopped up without a thought!!
As far as I can tell it's an early shell, probably 1968, originally either black or possibly dark blue (there's what looks like some blue paint under the black that's currently flaking away and I found some black overspray covered masking tape in it as I was emptying the inside) so if you can help me with anything it would be amazing!! And I'm sure as lotus owners you would all love to see another one back on the road!!
Thank you so much for reading and in advance for any help you can give me!!!!
Maddy xx
M and A's elan xx
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PostPost by: KevJ+2 » Tue Oct 29, 2013 5:36 pm

Maddy, I certainly take my hat off to you for your enthusiasm and your optimism. It's great that you want to bring a plus2 back to life but you have a major challenge on your hands unless your extremely lucky enough to find a rolling chassis with a twin cam, gearbox prop and diff attached! I am in the process of doing a nut and bolt restoration on a plus2 but even with a fairly complete car, I find it a long haul and expect to fork out possibly 12K for the privilege :(
I wish you all the best in your venture and look forward to sharing your ups and downs. - Kevin
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