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Paul M

PostPosted: Sat Dec 08, 2012 2:22 pm
by paul m
Hi, Im new here, though the previous owner of my car was I believe member number thirty on this site, so I have spent the last week reading all about the history of my cars restoration. What a great resource this site has been in this respect. as so often, due to the nature of our cars, previous restorations have deviated (improved...?) from the standard. In my own cars case, this has always hapened after a question has been posted here. so I now have a mutch better picture of how all the decisions were made.

My car is a very early +2 chasis no 50/0057 Made in sept 67 and one of the first sold to the public she is in great condition , and is used regularly when there is no salt on the roads. She shares a garage with a 67 mg midget a 86 xjs v12 cabreolet and an mgf, all cars whtch in my opinion offer a lot of car for the money, or a lot of expence for the unexperienced purcheser.