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"The Sound of Speed" the Scarab at Riverside

PostPost by: Davidb » Mon Oct 16, 2017 4:17 am

When the Scarab team realised that their engine was not going to produce enough power to make the car competitive in F1 they fitted a Chevy V8 to chassis #1 for Formula Libre racing. Bruce Kessler made a movie of testing the car at Riverside (the movie was touted for an Oscar at the time). The movie disappeared until the early eighties when a friend of a friend was given the job of clearing out an old movie warehouse in Hollywood-he found an original print of the movie and made some copies-I have one and some kind soul who also has one put this up on youtube--my copy is a bit better (they deteriorated rapidly we discovered)-I may put mine on yt too. This is a wonderful piece of history-Volume UP: (make sure you start it at the beginning)

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Ahhhh, memories. Pits on the outside and no kink going into turn 9.
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