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PostPost by: Tahoe » Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:38 pm

Even though this is an International Forum something happened today in the USA, and that was the decision of the NBA on the racial comments of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. I for one am so happy about the decision today.(Google for all the details) As a life long supporter of human rights as it applies to race, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, etc., I hope this decision sends a message even in a small way that we must treat everyone with respect. Doesn't mean we need to agree on all topics (and we won't), but I hope we can all respect each other.

As a 64 year old White straight person married to an Black women we have personally been discriminated against as a couple over the years. Dealing with ignorance is not fun people.

That's all I want to say except "Don't be colo(u)r blind, be colo(u)r kind", and I'm not just talking about skin colo(u)r.
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PostPost by: niagra » Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:56 pm

Hear hear, well said. It has been reported over here.
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PostPost by: jk952 » Wed Apr 30, 2014 12:24 am

I'll second that, Russ and niagra.
...how vile the, largely unspoken, racism looks when brought to the surface...
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PostPost by: Elanconvert » Wed Apr 30, 2014 7:51 am

well said guys......agree !00%...

:D fred
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PostPost by: Mazzini » Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:23 am

Plus one to that!
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PostPost by: Chancer » Wed Apr 30, 2014 10:05 am

Being the other side of the water I had no knowledge of this and was as outraged as many but with the small concern that it appeared to be a private conversation being played out on the world stage by I guessed a Partner with an axe to grind.

I read this morning that the conversation took place in 1981, is that really true?

33 years ago!!! Presumably now an ex Partner.
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PostPost by: Bud English » Wed Apr 30, 2014 3:36 pm

The tape is supposedly an argument over Instagram posts, so not 33 years ago, but three or four max.

That's not the point of Russ's post. Racial, or for that matter gender, sexual, religious or whatever bias, is based in ignorance. Any person, ignorant or not, is certainly entitled to their own beliefs however those beliefs affect that person's own life. It's when they make those beliefs public, either in speech or in actions, that they start to effect other people. In this case it's somewhat suspect as to how that personal conversation became public but it did. With all of the public scrutiny, the NBA and other owners were forced to take action this time where in the past they chose to look the other way. They are certainly not heroes in this case either.
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