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Modern Engine Management systems.

PostPost by: billwill » Thu Sep 19, 2013 2:04 pm

Some of us have been immersed in our classic cars for so long that we have never bothered to find out how modern engines work. Even if we own one in addition to our Elan(s) we are likely to just let a local garage fix any engine issues.

Well in the course of my browsing the Internet today, I have found an excellent tutorial on modern Engine Management Systems and I'd like to share this with you.

Go to:
for an excellent read on how modern engines work.

The last quarter or so of the article deals with converting engines like ours to EMS controlled engines with fuel injection etc.

Happy reading...
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PostPost by: JJDraper » Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:04 pm

Thanks for this - useful. I have had cause to fiddle about with my modern after a spell of the engine feeling jaded. Symptoms were slightly jerky; fluffing on idle & open throttle with some misfires. It ran OK, but just felt old - hardly surprising at coming on for 200k miles, but it doesn't burn oil and otherwise sounds OK. I tried new plugs - Ouch! 40quid for replacements (not upgraded Iridium ones). No difference - OK try leads - got some nice silicone ones, another 55quid. No change. Last try, I got a new 'coil pack'. Wow! Like a new car... smooth, great pick up (compared to previously) and it trickles along in traffic with no drive shunt/snatch.

I used to think the coil pack either worked or didn't, but checking with those who know. Their view was that coil packs last 50-100k miles and then start deteriorating, making cars harder to start, give poor fuel consumption and feel a little,.. well, old.

The NGK web site tipped by another forum member was my starting point for the coil pack and a proper branded NGK replacement cost a quarter of the dealer price (35 quid!).

Now, I wonder if those Iridium plugs, suggested by the same site, for the twin cam would make any difference...

No link to NGK or any other company etc etc ..

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