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I'm just venting here. There's lots of comments numerous threads about DPO's, those Dreaded (or fill in your own D-word) Previous Owners. How many of you have my problem? My DPO is me when I was thirty something. :roll:

Which shows less forethought?
A- On the +2, Lotus used a nut and bolt to attach the hood (bonnet) support to the body. The support and bolt are in the engine compartment and the self locking nut is tucked way up inside the foot well making it a two person job to remove. With all the places they used bobbins they surely could of spared one for here.
B- Replacing, for whatever reason, that bolt with a slick looking Allen head cap screw (apparently the only one I had handy was 3" long) and putting that lock nut back on instead of using the correct length bolt and some sort of nutplate in the foot well.

After realizing how long that cap screw was, and fighting rusted threads, I switched to a cutoff wheel for removal. That went a lot quicker. You can be sure I'll install a riv-nut or bond in a nutplate before the support goes back on.

There, that's better. I can go back to the garage now. Thanks for listening.
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