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The best folks I've ever met have been Lotus Collectors

PostPost by: garyeanderson » Sat Aug 20, 2011 12:21 pm

Do you have a story about a person that you have met through the search for Lotus? As always I do, hope you all have a story too that you can share.

I met my friend Bob over the phone, He had an add in Hemmings motor news for some LoCort stuff so we talked some on the phone and arranged to meet at his place to see some stuff. My 88 F250 had a few miles on it but off I went down to his place 5 hours away. He gives me directions to his future wifes sisters house. The roads are all torn up locally so its a challenge just to get there. When I do I am greeted by 4 or 5 LoCort's parked in the driveway, I was there for sure. Janis's sister lives there and its was there parents house but I guess they own it together now. I found a place on the street and parked the truck. When I get out Bob is already asking which LoCort I want and starts showing me around. there is another LoCort in the garage, he had something like 8 at the time, buy one get 3 type of deals. In the garage, hung from the rafters were 3 - S2 Sevens and a few other cars. Janis has a nice S4 Elan and that was there so we had a good look at that too. Bob's S1 Europa was in the driveway too, full gordini treatment to the engine and some other "improvements". I ended up not buying any Cortina stuff but before leaving Bob said "you got to buy something" so he offered me a set off Issue 18 struts minus the calipers for $150 and an aftermarket 26r type headlamp kit for another $50. I walked back to the truck and got in, said goodbye, and started the truck, it died as soon as it started. So here I am on a Sunday afternoon with a dead truck 5 hours from home. Not much open but we go look for a parts store, we find one and Bob takes charge and finds out who has the distributor pickup for the electronic ignition. Says were done here let me call Janis and we'll go get some dinner.
After we ate we went to Bobs house and crashed for the night but he has got to show me the seller with the racks of stuff that you can barely walk through. In the morning he ran me around to pick up parts and help put them in, I got out of there about 9:00 in the morning and he went off to work as did I, I rolled in just in time to go to lunch.
Ah the good old days.
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PostPost by: Ross Robbins » Sun Aug 21, 2011 4:36 pm

As Gary mentioned, there are a lot of very helpful people in the Lotus community and I have benefited from their kindness and assistance many times as I have traveled all round the US of A in my Elan, Seven and Elite.

But there are two in particular that approach sainthood in my mind and I would like to recognize them.

Mike Ostrov is an Elite nut as well as a generally involved Lotus guy who may be the world?s best ambassador for the type 14 Elite. About 15 years ago I was thinking of acquiring an Elite to add to my race Elan. Wanting to be informed about the pluses and minuses of the model I began corresponding with Mike. His first response was ?Come on out and drive a couple of mine and see how you like them?. Since I had occasion to e in California from time to time I allowed some extra time on one trip and called Mike to see if the invitation was serious. It was. I found out after my visit that Mike has a standing offer that goes something like this??All of my cars are fueled up and ready to go and anytime I am available I welcome visitors from the Lotus world to come and drive them?.
He has also provided race car and trailer storage for me as well as accommodations and even come to Denver to assist a fellow Elite owner with engine problems. What a guy! I have since adopted Mike?s mantra and extend the invitation to all who are in the Denver area because I think he has had the right idea all along.

The second saint in waiting is a member of this board. After arriving at Gettysburg for LOG 30 last year I found I had a broken cant rail where the middle bow fit into it. Facing a long trip back to Denver, I was concerned as my wife would be driving that car and I wanted a top up option for her. I mentioned this in passing to the ?saint? and, like the elves in the fables, he made sure it was beautifully repaired overnight while I slept. Not only was it a strong repair but it looked as if the factory had done it. He wouldn?t take any money for it either. He just wanted to help. Thanks Gary Anderson, the piss-ant Saint!
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