Lotus Elan

Has your twink any oil leaks and how do you feel about them!

Do you have any oil leaks

Poll ended at Thu Jun 23, 2011 7:21 am

Off course not, I am a smug g*t , if it were possible I would put blotting paper down on my garage floor just to show you!!!
I have a few , although I am a bit embarrassed about it and don't normally talk about it. I can only tick this as its anonymous. Where's that telephone number for oil leaks anonymous?
I have loads and proud of it. I like nothing better to christen newly paved driveways, especially when owned by Zetec Owners
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I have a few, but accept that this is all part of Lotus Elan ownership! When the engine has to be removed for other reasons , I will attempt to fix them
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PostPost by: miked » Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:13 pm

Just a point regarding the oil leaks.

Has anybody taken Brian B's advice on fitting a thin gasket between the front cover and its back plate? Is there any feedback? I have just done it but am not ready to run yet. Will report back.

I am of the self confessed oil leak group. As stated, even though very little may end up on the floor, something is always waiting to drop off a plug or edge. I figure I was nearly there on the S4 before it went save an odd bit from the dip stick tube. Lots of time chasing down leaks.

I am expecting big things from the engine I have just sealed for this Plus 2S, having been very anal about it. When you look at the gap on the front cover between the holes, it is no small wonder. Having done what Brian recommend and also sealed the bolts, I am looking for this being pretty oil tight. I have a thing about the cam cover gasket and that tin foil stuff. I feel sure the oil finds it way through the foil and then travel to the back of the cam cover.

Mike :D

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PostPost by: terryp » Fri Jun 17, 2011 2:45 pm

Spyder fan wrote:Terry,
I was forgetting how the galvanising process stiffens the folded metal chassis :roll: and of course that some of us are driving mere youngsters, you also come under the heading of smug regarding the radiator and the wiring issue will of course continue to be one in your case.

( Terry gives a Gallic shrug )

I very much enjoyed the thread, and I don't mind people having a pop at me or my cars :wink:

Yes but I do drive along with my rabbits foot , 4 leaf clover , lucky heather and I never drive on the cracks!

Incidentally I have nothing against Zetec conversions if they are to save the car, better a car with a Zetec rather than a stripped body shell on eBay, something that always makes me feel quite sad.

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PostPost by: Sea Ranch » Mon Aug 29, 2011 8:17 pm

terryp wrote:. . . better a car with a Zetec rather than a stripped body shell on eBay, something that always makes me feel quite sad.

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