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Donington????????????? Who's going????????

PostPost by: Barney » Wed Apr 02, 2008 6:03 pm

I had intended to go both days but didn't bother to go back on Sunday in the end.

I'm glad that I was not the only one disappointed by the event. The lack of effort in organising a "festival" was not only a disgrace to any Club Lotus member attending (of any model) but was also an affront to the memory of Jim Clark.

Show organisers should take note that a hall with about 50% static exhibits and the remainder being trade and autojumble stalls does not justify the ?130 (min) expense that I personally spent on Diesel/B+B/Entrance.

My last Donnington show was Lotus '89 - I believe the first time the event had been held and was featured on Top Gear - Since then the internal content has changed only by the inclusion of the autojumble stalls. The attractions outside in that year included a display by some 7's on an Autotest type circuit on the hairpin loop. Since then there has been only regression.

I have looked previously on the American websites for the activities/content of their LOGs and they seem to understand that you have to provide value in order to ensure a loyal following.

I see there are suggestions for other events arranged through this medium. You have my support if we can achieve some of the options offered by the Americans - and maybe some more.

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