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Is it just my Lotus, or is it .........

PostPost by: dougweall » Sat Mar 01, 2008 6:20 pm

everyone else's Lotus, that is a numpty magnet ??????

Not sure if this has been aired before, sorry if it has, but, today I am in the middle of nowhere (North Yorkshire Moors) in a big pub car park, with what must have been another 30+ car parking spaces when I arrived. I park well away from everyone else (as I do all the time if I can), when I return to my car I find some Tom T*t has parked their old BL heap almost against the drivers door so I can just about get in. :shock:
Worst of all the BL heap has all the markings on it of having kids in it, baby seat, rear side window sun shades with teddy bears on them.
(There are more than 30+ spaces now)
Had a good look at the side of my car for marks etc, thankfully none found.
Similar to the above has happened on more than one occasion to me.
Tell me it is not just me, please.
Ah, I suppose I feel a little better for that now.
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PostPost by: chrishewett » Sun Mar 02, 2008 9:19 am

I agree Doug, the same thing seems to happen to me. However, a nice story.
I went to somerfield supermarket in the +2 last week. As I stopped to look around for a space away from mums with kids etc, the car park attendant came over and told me to park in the managers space, nice and empty and away from the public. As I walked to the shop I thanked him and he said " No problem sir, nice to see a decent car in the car park for a change"!
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PostPost by: redskatejbf » Mon Mar 03, 2008 9:42 pm

Similar theme, I was in Winchester in the Elan, had tried three carparks and no spaces available, I`m sitting in the car in the middle of the park thinking where do I go now. A guy walks across and says `nice to see a car like this being used, I`ve got two hours left on this ticket ,would you like it`. Thanking him I used it, I felt really good for the rest of the day.
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PostPost by: msd1107 » Wed Mar 05, 2008 7:04 am

I never did like a car getting close also.

So I either pull in as close to the left marker and angle diagonally across to the right, or pull in as close to the right maarker as possible and angle across to the left.

I also only pull in only as far as necessary so the rear bumper is at the beginning of the parking space. Plenty of spare space in front, of course.

But this makes it less possible for a car to really crowd me.

One of the advantages of a really small car!
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