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PostPost by: RandyRT » Mon Sep 21, 2020 2:41 am

sprintsoft wrote:Hi John,

I couldn't find the ones you mentioned but I did buy a garage lift through eBay this year, if you search on...

"Strongman Clifton Mobile 3T Home Garage Car Lift" you'll find it.

It's a top quality bit of kit, over-engineered for what I needed as it will lift 3 tonnes, I use it for an Elan and a Plus 2. It folds down flat so I always have one of them parked on it when not in use.

Pic attached.

Happy to answer any questions on it.


Iain, that looks tough. I'll be helping my upgrading his garage after we finished installing the brake kit and dually wheels on the current Superduty project. I'll let him check that one.
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