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Updated knockoff spinner tools

PostPost by: mac5777 » Thu May 27, 2010 5:34 am

Hi guys, sorry this has taken so long to get back to those who have been waiting and have helped by sending bit and pieces to play with. I could not make the old reliable knockoff tool work on the pesky fit of the +2, 10 spoke Alloys.
I did develop a tool for the Halibrand type spinners that are commonly found on AC Cobras. They are Like the Elan 26R spinners that have a hollow center where the hub protrudes when fully torque. The solution was to make a center piece that slips into the hub which helps center the tool. The new tool ear design wraps around the spinner's ears and grips the spinners further out. It self-centers itself and I may not have needed the centering Hub pipe. That was the solution for the Alloys. By removing the center piece and replacing it with a leather circle allowed our standard spinners to be used safely. Look at the pictures and you'll see how the new tool grabs the spinners in a way that the tool can not slip off. Here are the the changes to the web site. http://www.knockoffspinnertool.com/
Next Sunday I'll be at the Infineon raceway where there will be many 26R Elans racing. The tool fits the spinner, now I need to try it on a car. i posted more information on the pictures on my site in the "Business and Vendor section"
Thanks again,
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