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PostPost by: normanjsmith » Mon May 27, 2024 11:15 am

My 1968 +2 still has the original brake pads.
I have recently had the body off to refresh the chassis and replace all bushes, mounts and seals.
The booster has been removed and a 5/8" master cylinder fitted because I don't like the pedal feel and in the past have had internal fluid leaks.
The firewall has been reinforced with a 3mm aluminium plate that is bolted to the pedal box, handbrake, column and a battery cutout switch.
Understandably, pedal pressure is too high with hard pads so I am looking for a recommendation for softer pads.

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PostPost by: patrics » Mon Jun 10, 2024 9:49 am

You will need buy some race pads to get higher friction and ideally you will get same for front and rear – which is not so easy.
I have always run Pagid race pads on my racing Elan both front and rear – the rears were specially cut – not cheap
Standard rear pads are always low  as they have to work with the Elan+0.
The Plus 2 is a very heavy car so if it was me I would be making every effort to make it lighter.
Could also move towards 14inch wheels and increase the front effective radius.

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