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Spring Compressor McGyver

PostPost by: webbslinger » Sat Jul 04, 2020 9:43 pm

After reading the discussions on spring rates and then corresponding with Tony T, I just changed my springs to 150s front and 120s rear. It now handles the roughest local roads with the aplomb of my Subaru. (Good)

Attached is a picture of the spring compressor I MacGyvered. It's probably dodgy for heavier springs, but it worked great for these although a bolt might be more secure than a screwdriver.

The screwdriver is through the eye of the short strap where it attaches right against the ratchet. The hook on the end of the strap was removed by cutting the stitches in the eye to preserve all of it's length, and that end goes back to the top of the spring before being fed to the ratchet mechanism. It works very well.
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