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Fitting new GAZ rear dampers (inserts)

PostPost by: vincereynard » Mon May 18, 2020 7:50 pm

My rear struts are probably unique / barking, dependant upon your POV.

1208 May. 18 16.26.jpg and

The damper itself is shorter than the original and I thought it might be a problem until I finally
realised what the fat washers were for.

1218 May. 18 16.32.jpg and

Having cleaned up the tube thread I filled with ATF and screwed in the inserts.
1211 May. 18 16.27.jpg and

Then the alloy threaded tube which comes flush with the steel one.
1212 May. 18 16.27.jpg and

Next problem was the alloy "bump" space could not be attached to the new hexagon damper retaining nut. I fixed it with epoxy resin to the alloy threaded tube + a couple of turns of duct tape. It will turn with the tube when adjusting and "should" be OK.

1216 May. 18 16.29.jpg and

With the tube adjusted virtually to the bottom the spring and top plate can be fitted without compressors.
Hopefully, as I've made up a hard wood block to hold the damper rod as full extension, it will be easy to fit the strut in place.
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