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Sprint wheels tyres and innertubes

PostPost by: dougal cawley » Tue May 14, 2019 11:21 am

bloodknock wrote:Hello folks
What are the views on the use of innertubes?
When my new tyres (175/70 VR13 pirelli cinturatos CN36 - Longstone) were fitted I elected to have innertubes installed. When it came to balancing the wheels, they seemed to require an inordinate amount of balance weights, one in fact, was borderline in being able to be balanced.
I may have made a mistake in electing to have the stick on variety rather than the rim fitment, in fact, having brought them home to fit on the car I found that the stick on weights on at least one wheel had unstuck!
The wheels are original, but have been shot blasted and re powder coated, they were checked to be true, the car and thus the wheels had only ever covered less than 30k miles.
So the questions are:
Could the use of innertubes adversly affect the wheel balance?
Would the wheels balance better using clip on rim weights?

All info would be gratefully received

Please contact us directly if you ever have a problem with a tyre or any product bought from Longstone.

i bet it is not the tyres.

i have sold loads of those tyres and had lots of compliments. Though personally on an early Elan i would fit 145HR13 Pirelli Cinturato CA67. and on a later one i would fit 155HR13 Michelin XAS.

i have 155HR15 Cinturato on my Elite. they are fantastic.

I would not encourage fitting fitting wider tyres on a lovely handling car like an Elan. However if you are desperate to fit a wider tyre than the Cinturato CN36 will definitely be the best

However, If you have an issue with tyres bought from us we will resolve the problem
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PostPost by: rcfurse » Tue May 14, 2019 12:12 pm

I can confirm that you will have considerable difficulty getting stick on weights to "stick" to powder coated wheels. I have given up trying. I am not sure why they don't stick but as the only way that they do is to take wet or dry to the powder coating I reverted to clip ons.
My experience with Elan wheels is that they are rarely true and the wheels themselves are never perfectly balanced. What my guys (Buckley Tyres in Buckley) do is chalk the tyre and rim where the largest out of balance is and then move the tyre on the rim to the opposite side. They then spin it up and repeat the process.They have done this three or four times on some wheel/tyre combinations.
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