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Tyres choice - Again :-)

PostPost by: Rob P » Wed May 27, 2015 8:38 pm

el-saturn wrote:.............................my doggy don?t go out in the wet, so i could use slicks if they?d let us!
none of the reviewed or discussed tyres are made for 130 hp --------- even less for 160+. -- and i can?t really see any elan driver moseying around, waiting for all the other brave to pass them in their japanese rockets??! so tyres for diabled carsare simply NOT SUITABLE! period! someone who cares and knows :wink: ! sandy

Sandy I'm not getting it, whilst I appreciate the extra tyre width will put more rubber on the road, your suggested tyres are still only the same speed rating as those mentioned in my first post. Plus according to the Tyre size calculator the speedo will read incorrectly with 175/60/R13 compare with the correct size tyre of 155/80/R13. Surely the car was designed for the tyre size in the manual?
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