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I Assume you are in Europe.

I am on holiday at the moment so cannot be of much help but, a few years ago I restored my wheels.

A German company Mefro (I hope I remember correctly) sold me steel rims at a very good price about ?20 each. These rims are a little too large on the inside diameter ( if I remember correctly about 1 to 2 mm). I cut most of the old rim away with an angle grinder, then turned the remainder true in a lathe, until I had the correct interference fit. I pressed the new rims onto the old centre (I think the centre is called the knave) checked in the lathe to make sure it was true, then had the rim welded to the centre.

The most valuable part of the wheel is the centre. This is the bit that is expensive and needs unique tooling. Mefro said they could make them, and I can't remember the price, but it was frightening. Never discard a steel wheel, it is probably repairable.

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