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Identifying front upright handing.

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AFRICAELAN007 wrote:Hi guys, I'm a bit confused by the pile of restored bits for the front uprights of my Elan. Everything is stripped.
Both uprights are in good condition and I have ordered new brass trunions, but I cannot work out which upright belongs on which side of the car. One Trunion has a left hand thread which goes into its brass trunion the other a right hand thread, Which is which? Seems a dumb question I know, so please make me feel worse!

It is clearly stated in the Lotus Elan S2 Workshop Manual? "Note:- The vertical link and bronze trunnion on the left-hand side of the vehicle has a left-hand thread and those fitted to the right-hand side of the vehicle have a right-hand thread. The right-hand threaded trunnion is turned down at its lower end for identification purposes"

Follows is a copy of the actual section:
Verical Link.jpg and
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