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Latest tyre suggestions needed

PostPost by: Orsom Weels » Fri Mar 30, 2012 4:26 pm

Melody wrote:Does anyone have any knowledge of Camac? 165TR13 CAMAC NC80. Available through Classic Tyres and quite cheap.

I once bought a 2.8i Capri which came with a set of Camac tyres fitted, (205/60x13) they weren't too bad in the dry, although they squealed quite loudly when cornering at anything above about 25-30mph but in the wet they were down right dangerous ! the rears would break traction & spin with very little throttle, the fronts would lock under gentle breaking & would under steer dramaticaly even at low speed, the car was virtually undrivable in damp/wet conditions. They were almost brand new but they had to go ! I replaced them with a set of Kumho's which I found excelent in all conditions & they gave good mileage at a reasonable price. I have since used Kumho's on several different cars & have always been happy with them so am thinkng of trying them on the +2 as it needs new rubber. Apparently, according to the dealer, they are made by, or for, Michelin as a budget range. If not Kumho, then I'll probably try Uniroyal or Vredestine as both seem to get good feedback.
Any other suggestions ?

Regards, Tim
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