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We've just completed a full rebuild of the rear struts, photo 001 shows special cast
alloy spring caps which contain the narrow wound 80lb springs, boots are attached
to a short length of MS tube which is a press fit into the machined bore of each alloy
cap, boot is secured with a zip tie at the top, and at the bottom on the strut barrel
after spring assembly has been installed.

Image 003: Shows the cap & spring assembly with boots hanging off the caps, there
is sufficient boot to coil spring clearance so that any damage from chaffing won?t occur.

Image 009: Shows assembled rear strut almost ready for installation into chassis.
We always prefer to assemble the strut on the bench, which is then installed as a

Spring heights etc are not adjusted & set until car is fully assembled.

There may be elan owners who would like to know some details
of the set up.

Spring Rate: 80lb. (They provide a very nice supple ride)
Wire Dia 10mm.
Spring OD: 91mm.
Working Coils: 12.
Spring Length: Std.
Adjustable Spring Platforms - Barrels & Caps:
by: Croucher engineering (elantrikbits.com)

Boots are generic motorcycle front fork boots, & available from your local MC dealer. ($34.00 pair).
Boots are essential to protect the strut rod shaft from road grit, which can quickly
destroy the strut rod seal.

spring-caps-001.jpg and
spring-caps-003.jpg and
strut-009.jpg and
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