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steering rack "boots" (elan related)

PostPost by: s2lola » Tue May 18, 2010 5:12 pm



Does anyone have any ideas on "low profile" boots for the rack on an Elan? To be clear, the basic rack housing is used on a lot of historic racing cars, including my 1978 Lola T492. The problem is that the typical boots we use on our Elans (includign my '65) have "ribs" that are too wide and chunky and interfere with the suspension rod ends on the Lola. I need a lower profile boot - any ideas?

cheers, and thanks

Bill Tebbutt
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PostPost by: ardee_selby » Thu May 20, 2010 8:18 am

Maybe someone like this could help with a custom gaiter (boot).

See if they could make a couple of prototypes for "assessment purposes" :wink:

http://www.crushproof.com/buildahose/bu ... e_form.php

FWIW - Have attached Triumph sizes (got off the net) for reference.

Good Luck - Richard
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I use the normal Alford and Alder boots on my Lotus 20/22, although they are fastened on w/ nylon tie wraps, rather than hose clamps. I should also mention that due to the way the A&A rack is modified for the single seater, I must use two of the same boots, so I have to buy 2 kits (4 boots altogether), then only use 2 of the 4. Still cheaper than buying them individually from the typical Lotus supplier or Pegasus.

Back when I was with the big blue T, we used a company for some boots, I think it was Minor Rubber Co. They used to have a big paper catalog of all sorts of shapes and end "cuffs". I've also used bearing supply houses for Love-Joy U joint boots for the smaller non-aircraft spec U-joints I was forced to use on the car(20/22).

You might have to use a lower profile boot, tie-wrap it onto the rack body, then allow the rod shaft to slide in and out of the other boot end, because there will be so much movement. Not perfect, but lots better than no boot at all.

Another source might be the big yellow book of McMaster Carr, now all on the internet.
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