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Parts manual - deciphering the hardware codes

PostPost by: rdssdi » Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:06 pm

I found that in many instances that the nomenclature "screw"="S" and "Bolt" = "B" were interchangeable. I cannot remember a difference between fasteners described as XUFS or XUFB as both are what is commonly called a "hex head cap screw" or in vernacular a bolt. The difference in nomenclature may have to do with which fastener gets the "torque" when installed. The bolt head or the nut.

I also found many fasteners smaller than 1/4" diameter were BA thread. With the exception of the engine.

Its been a while since I deciphered the fastener descriptions in my +2 parts book.

It would be interesting to do a list showing the factory parts list description and the actual fastener found on an original car. If such can be found.

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