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Throttle Return Spring To Clevis Linkage Retainer

PostPosted: Sat Aug 07, 2004 10:49 pm
by type26owner
Pondered how to hold the throttle return spring into the throttle cable linkage clevis on the Weber 40DCOE carbies today and finally figured out a clever way to do it. This became a high priority because I found the spring nearly disengaged again today and this time I was not out on the racetrack. Decided to tap a centered 2-56 threaded hole into the rounded end of the linkage clevis. Made a steel clip which is held in place with a 2-56 allen head cap screw and scalloped to fit over the radiused end of the linkage with a leg which extends down over the outside of the spring. This arrangement does not bind the linkage but prevents the spring from backing out of the clevis ever again.

Getting ready for the next GGLC trackday on Sept 14. :P