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Carb linkage

PostPost by: NYK » Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:28 pm

My Plus 2 rebuild is coming along quite well, with the car away being sprayed I turned my attention to the carbs. These were stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with new spindle bearings, seals etc. I presume the linkage on my car was standard, it comprised a fairly horrible looking cable bracket attached to a plate that was sandwiched between the air cleaner pancakes and the carbs. I set about making something I thought was an improvement. I actually redeployed the rather heavy cable return spring from the carb to the pedal box, so now the pedal has a return spring meaning a much lighter spring can be used at the carb end. Anyway, the photo below shows what I did if it?s of any interest to people.

cc9505d0-cd34-4e5c-8522-271459044e78.jpeg and
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