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PostPost by: Mike harris » Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:28 pm

I just thought this might be interesting, as I haven't seen the subject mentioned with ref to the trigger wheel (hall effect switch) in these fit and forget dizzy modules.

I wasted many hours looking for a carb problem when the problem was one weak magnet in the trigger wheel on my new Accuspark ignition.
I only dicovered this when I put the strobe on number 4 lead and reved up to 1800.
Below this speed all leads and plugs were working fine so I put it down to a carb flat spot,

I know I have read many times ( most carb problems are electrical)
Feel free to say ' told you so'

I checked the strength of each magnet with a thin feeler guage -take of the trigger ring--how many mm before the magnet would attract the feeler. number 4 magnet was 20% strenght compares with the other 3.

Thought this info might be useful

Mike Harris
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