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Fuel Cells and Stuff. Time to update.

PostPost by: tvacc » Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:39 pm

In repsonse to the "profile" post, I just updated my profile. While on there I noticed that my most common post was about fuel cells.

This one. elan-archive-f16/fuel-cell-t11590-15.html

Well, I read it and it is time to update it. It has been 7 years.

If you want a fuel cell for you car, I now use http://www.harmonracingcells.com

He use to work for Fuel Safe. Fuel Safe and ATL are owned by the same company and I believe their prices reflect that lack of competition. We needed a cell built for a Caterham last year and after some seraching, found Jim Harmon. He made the cell for the Caterham, a very complex cell with a place for fuel pump...etc and it was only $1100. U inlcuded overnight shipping as we needed it fast) When I got prices from the other two places, they were both well over $1500 with someone telling me that it was because of the wars overseas and the military demand.
Please use the LOONYs and my name when you talk to him. I dont get anything for it, just as a group if we use him a lot, we will get better service and perhaps, (dont know) a better price.
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