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Fuel injection again.....

PostPost by: lotusanglia1965 » Sun Dec 11, 2005 9:57 pm

Hi Berni!
I've not finished the twin cam project yet,the first one will be a stromberg head road engine with injectors mounted in the"manifold" and two 45mm throttle bodies in place of the wonderful carbs. I have experience of mapping jaguar Xk type engines in my previous employment,they are just like one and a half twin cams so,much in common.I used a rolling road to quickly establish fuel and ignition settings at full load sites,eg 1600,2400,3200,4800 rpm etc. then mapped on the road with lap top and lambda sensor in manifold collector(recommend one sold by RBH technology) One engine mapped purely on dyno still needed lots of work on road after to make it drivable,especially just off idle,if this is not right,will spoil all the hard work.Good Luck,will help if I can,
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