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Fuel starvation or leaning out at highway speed

PostPost by: persiflage » Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:09 pm

Picture the scene:
Spring. Sunny Friday afternoon. Time to get MOT, following car/engine rebuild, which had been behaving perfectly on the drive. MOT station was approx. 6 miles away and the route includes about two miles of the type of road the Elan was made for :D ... at about 4 miles the car started to show distressing signs of a major fuel problem and at about 5 miles ground to a halt. Thankfully in a bus stop pull in. Being before the mobile phone era, I was forced to find a public phone and arrange a tow home :oops:
After a little tinkering the car was again running sweetly ... on the drive ... and the weekend was spent trying to figure out the reason.

Monday. MOT attempt #2 ... only to be confronted with exactly the same symptoms, a breakdown at the same bus stop :oops: :evil: and a phone call to the same pal with the tow rope.

Major investigation and a finger down the fuel pump mounting hole showed the jackshaft lobe had failed and the wear was considerable. Result: sufficient throw on the pump to fill and replenish the carbs at idle and slower speeds but an inability to keep up with the demand of even a little enthusiastic driving!

Sometimes its the simple things that floor us!
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