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Re: More Balancing Woes

PostPosted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 7:59 pm
by david.g.chapman
I'm glad to hear that the 5 peg adaptor idea is working. I think you can go down either route:

(a) bore out the holes by 10 thou or so (which I eventually did, so they had the same clearance as my steel wheels). This has given a significant improvement, and there is only a little error left from sideways play in the centre hub nut and its thread.

(b) stick with the 5 holes and just let the hub nut tighten up the wheel, without centreing, and use the adaptor for balancing.

I have gained a further improvment in steering wheel shake by adding a stiffening bracket to the steering column and biassing it against the dashboard with a rubber strip on the binnacle (I have the early fixed type column).

With both hands on the wheel there is now no movement - a trace if you remove both hands :shock: I am happy enough.

Dave Chapman.